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Brendan Cobbina

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Who Am I?

Bodybuilder. Trainer. Coach. Entrepreneur.

I myself, have always been a relatively active individual. I have had privileges of playing football, but most importantly tennis. I had always played tennis occasionally, but it was towards my teenage years that I decided to take it very seriously as from 2012-2015 I joined a tennis academy in Dulwich, London.

Already a fit individual who understood his body was changing for the better with tennis, my love for general fitness grew particularly around the very end of 2014, when I picked up my first ever dumbbell, something I did because of my rising curiosity for building endurance. However, after months of going to the gym at absolute best twice a month, I barely saw any gains as this carried on until December 2016. While I cared for fitness and being healthy, my love for pure bodybuilding had increased dramatically at this time. I had been offered a job at a school which had a gym by a good friend who eventually introduced me to bodybuilding as he became my mentor.

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With the understanding of the importance of compound lifts, progressive overload, eating a lot of protein and how to perform workouts with the correct form, my long-lasting love for bodybuilding was born here.  At this point not only did my brain grow, but so did my physique. After years of physical growth, increased strength and better health, I gone through many experiments with my physique. This included me making very bad decisions of dirty bulking where I gained too much body fat for my liking on two occasions until sometime in Summer 2019 where I had gained weight up to 106KG which was mainly fat (as a 5’10 person) I decided to take my cut far more seriously as I had lost 24KG within a 10-month period.

Fast forward to today, I achieved qualifications as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor then as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, as well as accomplishing a masters degree in entrepreneurship. I now run a business where I train clients through face-to-face sessions or through my online training programmes. I constantly update my Instagram with workout videos and photos where I provide motivational, hard working content in relation to bodybuilding.

Join me on my journey... 

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